Zaful's Athletic Collection : Working Out in Style

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I have officially traded in my heels, jeans and white tank for the typical athletic leisure mom style.  I’m not mad about it as the athletic fashion trend has stepped up its game and there are so many cute things to wear.  Plus I need to feel comfortable and appropriately covered as I chase my toddlers around the park.  I’m the mom climbing the monkey bars with my kids and digging in the sand building froggie homes (Raise your hand if you know what I’m talking about…).  I need clothes that can accommodate this kind of activity, along with my personal workout routines and are durable for many wears.

If you are this mom and interested in finding cute athletic clothes that you can wear to your PTO meetings before you hit the park please check out Zaful’s website.  There are so many cute items and for affordable prices!

I have worked with Zaful before, creating an athletic fashion inspiration board, and I’m excited to share my most recent athletic Zaful finds.  I tend to stick with the darker tones, as again I have two kids under the age of 5 and life gets messy.  Plus, greys and

Super Bowl Food: Healthy Party Recipes

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Here comes 100% honesty…and please feel free to raise your hand if you feel the same way I do.

I’ll be watching the Super Bowl for the halftime performance by Justin Timberlake!  YUP and I can’t wait!!!  So far every song that I have heard from his new album ‘Man Of The Woods‘, being released on Friday, has been amazing!  I’m a fan!

Back to football…I do enjoy football and honestly, if I can take a moment and brag.  I think my sons have the potential to follow in their great grandfather (Harry Geldien) steps and be badass football players if they want! #proudmom #proudgranddaughter

OK, here is another transparent moment…I also like the super bowl because you’re around your family/friends and eating yummy food…for three hours straight.  My taste buds are already watering.

Are you looking for some options to serve for this year’s game?  Do you want to change it up a bit and step away from the hot wings or pizza…keep those just add these!  Here are a few healthy dishes that I think will be an amazing hit at your party.

My first go to lately is a kale salad.  I

Facing Fear and Anxiety

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Fear and anxiety, which are interrelated, have a way of crippling and sabotaging our hopes and dreams. They can be debilitating, impacting our faith, careers, friendships and personal relationships. Everyone battles with them and approaches fear/anxiety differently.

I have always been a little envious of those who bravely challenge their fears and seem to have it all together, while inside they are falling apart and you would never know. I tend to sympathize and relate to those who externally breakdown, trembling, as they publicly trip over their fears. It’s not fun for either party to witness and I totally get why people choose comfort over change.

Let’s be frank, extroverted and introverted people cope differently. For introverts, putting yourself out there in any capacity is not easy. Failure can happen on so many different levels and that thought is uncomfortable, so what does the psyche do…it hides and runs back to what feels safe. THIS is where fear/anxiety crosses the line and inhibits one from living and experiencing what could be life-changing events. Change is hard and failure is no fun, but lessons are learned and growth can be achieved, and the beauty after all of it…you’re one step away

Realign with the New Year

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I’m not quite sure how to close out 2017 in words. There were moments, and even weeks or months of back-to-back traumatic events that plagued my life on a personal and social level. I actually feel like I’m walking out of 2017 like a deer in the headlights. But honestly, I’m not alone and I can see this as I watch others trying to gather themselves and their family to enter into a new year. We all have felt the trauma this year. The hurricanes, fires, shootings, political instability and social injustices that have dominated the headlines relentlessly, causing stress.

So now what? What do we do? How do we prepare and enter a new year on a positive note?

The truth…I don’t have the answers, but I do have suggestions.

First, give yourself the gift of time and grace. Healing from the past events, learning from them and rebuilding from it all, will take time. Unfortunately for some, it will take longer then others. My heart and thoughts go out to all of those who have faced destruction, loss, violation and sickness. Life for many will never be the same and building from those fallen bricks seems unattainable. The

New Years Eve Dress

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Most years I find myself in a last minute rush to find a nice dress for a New Years Eve party.  Thankfully this year, I purchased a dress for my family photos that will be perfect for welcoming 2018.  I consider it a big win if I can find a dress that will not only have the wow factor, but most importantly be comfortable, classy, functional and affordable.  Here are a few options that I love…including the one I’m wearing.  I wore this dress for my family holiday pics but love that it is also versatile and can be worn for another night/event.  I’m loving the shinny trend this year.  Normally I’m not a sequence girl, but these pieces caught my eye.

Cheers to the last few days of 2017.  Happy New Year!

Dress //  Nordstrom

Shoe //  Steve Madden

Clutch  //  BCBG – 40% off now!

Earrings //  Nordstrom Option 1 & 2

Other Dress Options I love!

California Fire Help

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My heart is breaking for those losing their homes in the California fires.  I feel that life has thrown us all a curve ball with all of the devastation and disasters we have had to face lately.  I feel helpless and at times the only thing I can do is pray.  Pray for the safety of the firefighters fighting this battle.  Pray for the safety of the residents who wait for the orders to evacuate.  My thoughts and prayers go out to the residents who have lost their homes.  I pray for rain.  Rain to downpour over Southern California and add reliefs to those who are in need.

Thank you to all of the fire fighters and first responders who are physically, mentally and emotionally giving all they have to help keep us safe.

For those who are searching for ways to help here are a few options.

Baby2Baby:  Help the victims of the Southern California fires using this link:

Help with providing relief and purchasing high need items including diapers, blankets, formula, shampoo and more for

Black Friday

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I started taking advantage of Black Friday deals when I had kids.  I was always a last minute shopper, but now that I’m juggling little lives, I try to be more prepared, organized and proactive.  I love Black Friday, and thanks to all of the sales, I already have all the Christmas clothes purchased for my kids.

The gamble with Black Friday is knowing when the sales will launch and jumping on them fast enough.  I ran to Walmart last night and encountered a mad rush at 5:45pm.  Walmart’s Black Friday deals launched at 6pm last night.  Had I known this, I would have avoided the store because it took me over 30 minutes to checkout with my body wash!  HA!  Other stores launched their sales a week before Black Friday and some only open the day of.  It can get confusing and overwhelming, but the deals are worth it!

Here is my “go to” list of stores for Black Friday Sales!!

Aldo:  50% off original price!

Amazon: I love amazon and you will find lots of Black Friday deals here….

Banana Republic:  50% off regular price!  Perfect

Gift Ideas for Him

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Black Friday is here! Curious if any of my readers know how the Friday following Thanksgiving was nicknamed “Black Friday”?  If you don’t know…here is a little history. Let’s also not forget Cyber Monday…needless to say the streets and internet this coming weekend will be busy and crammed with lots of shopping, hurling us into the Christmas season. For all of my Black Friday die-hard shoppers…here are a few ideas for the men in your life.  Yes, the super discounted electronics that almost every store is offering should be considered, but here are some smaller gifts that are unique and perfect for the holidays.

  1.  Phone Sanitizer (Everyone should have one!)  //  2.  Cocktail Kit  //  3.  Medical Kit (Everyone should have in their car!)  //  4.  Swiss Knife  //  5.  Leather Chair  (In love with.) //  6.  Wallet  //  7.  Briefcase  //  8.  Razor  //  9.  Watch  //  10.  Aviators   //  11.  Bookends  (Love the uniqueness of these!) //  12.  

Favorite Black Blazer

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A black blazer is a must have in your closet.  It can truly add life to all outfits and customize any look you want to achieve.  It’s incredibly versatile, which guarantees that it will be well worn throughout the years.

Zara currently has an amazing blazer that I am in love with.  The fit is amazing and the blazer is incredibly classy.  Take a look at my chic, street style look photographed below.  I literally threw this outfit together in 2 min and ran out the door.  Its so simple, yet the blazer, clutch and boots add a nice edge to the look.  For my professional friends, this blazer goes well with a black pencil skirt and a cute pump, creating a comfortable modern and stylish look. Want another option?  Throw this blazer over a cute maxi dress with black tones and accessorize with a sling purse to create a boho look.

BY THE WAY this awesome white button-up from Banana Republic is another shirt that needs to live in your closet.  The fit is amazing.  I love the length and it claims to be stain resistant! #momwin

Lastly, leopard print is

Healthy Halloween Snacks


I was never one to go crazy on Halloween…until I had kids.  It might be one of my favorite holidays now.  I love the family theme costume trend.  My first Halloween as a mom our family went as a medical team.  The next one we were pirates, the third year Super Heroes and this year we will be a team of assassins.  I love seeing my kids reaction and their characters come out when they put on their costumes and honestly, when would I ever have the chance to put on a martial arts black body suit, a red wig and pretend to be a bad ass “Black Widow”?  I have an inner girl that needs to come out too.

Anyways back to the purpose of this blog post.  This year I promised myself that I was going to balance out the junk food, that my husband has no discipline or control over and consumes it all, and try to have some healthy snack options around.  These ideas are also great for a potluck style Halloween party.  Here is a quick Instagram video of me making a