Meet Creative Beauty Sabrina Podolak

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Throughout my professional modeling career I have had the privilege of meeting amazing people who have inspired me!  Sabrina is one of them and I feel so honored to feature her on Arrows of Life!  She is full of love, laughs and embraces the opportunity to help others and share her insights whenever possible!  I enjoyed interviewing her and plan to feature her again, focusing on her meal prep and tasty recipe ideas!  Enjoy and thank you Sabrina!

Let’s start with your modeling career!  That is where we began so it’s only fitting! When did you start modeling and did you always want to be a model?

I started modeling in 2009. I knew I wanted to model or be in the beauty industry in some way, since I was very young. My sisters and

Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale


I have read how dangerous the Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale can be and yup…it is dangerous but it is so much fun!  I have had so much fun scrolling through the site and loading up my cart! SO, as most of you know by now those who have a Nordstrom’s card can get early access to the sales through July 20th!  If you don’t have a card…click here!  I honestly couldn’t believe the markdowns and I really had to practice discipline and budgeting as I scrolled through the website.  I could have put every single item I have listed below in my cart!  (My husband would have been thrilled!  HA! ;)) Here are some of my favs just perusing through the site!

  1. Black Dress  //   2.  Fun Business Dress  //  3.  Pink Business

Diastasis Recti

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I’ve had this discussion multiple times over the past year with a heavy emphasis over the past few months due to my second post partum recovery. What is DIASTASIS RECTI and how can you strengthen your pelvic floor other then doing your “kegel” exercises?

Having children definitely does a number on our bodies. One of them causing a condition called diastasis recti. I actually didn’t even know about diastasis recti (DR) until after my first son. I jumped right back into exercise and noticed quickly that I had a severe gap between my abdominal muscles. WHAT!!! EWWEEE! I didn’t know how to fix it or if I ever could. I also thought that incontinence was a natural part of recovery and I just had to “wait it out,” “give my body time”…until my muscles regained strength and my body naturally aligned itself again. WELL…I was wrong. You have to give your

Amazon Prime Deals

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OK so my husband and I love our Amazon Prime!  My parents do as well…wait, everyone I know loves their Amazon Prime!  Life is just easier with it!  So, in honor of their big sale going on I compiled a list of our favorite things we have shopped for and love!

Jord Watch:  This watch is 30% off on the sale!  #YEEESS  I love this watch so much I gifted it to my husband for Father’s Day!  It is definitely a unique wood watch that you don’t typically see.  It is chic, sexy, masculine, modern and rustic.  Yes, all in one!

Vintage Leather Briefcase:  Every man needs a nice briefcase!  My style is a mixture of rustic and modern and I love this leather bag because it meets both of those tastes. Definitely prefer the light brown color!!

Tummy Thyme

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We want the best for our children and taking on the responsibility of nourishing another life is a serious matter. Those first few months of life are fairly easy when meal planning is involved as the little bambino is exclusively on milk. The breast/bottle part was a no brainer; well with the exception of the scheduled timing and sleep deprivation.

Then came the awaited moment when you could start your baby on something a little more substantial…Food…glorious food. I am so guilty of hitting the supermarket and purchasing the baby food that was packaged cute and sounded tasty. But wait…in todays world we can not escape the reality that “jarred”, “packaged” and even organic labeled baby foods might not be the best for our little ones. Most are loaded with salt, sugar and even have way too much water, and

Blueberry & Watermelon Frozen Piña Colada

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Happy Birthday America!  I feel so grateful and honored to live here and have the opportunity to raise my boys in the land of the free!  We are so thankful for the brave who serve our country and we honor their courage!  To celebrate today we made a spirited drink honoring the Red, White and Blue!

Blueberry & Watermelon Frozen Piña Colada


  •  2 oz Rum
  • 5 oz Pina Colada Mix
  • 1/2 Cup Blueberries
  • 1/2 Cup Watermelon
  • Dash of Agave
  • 2 Cups of Ice
  • Sqeeze of Fresh Lime


In a blender combine the ingredients above.  Garnish with a few pieces of watermelon and blueberries and enjoy a

Simple Jean Dress

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This past weekend I wore this cute little number from Zara to a baby shower!  I love this dress and the fact that it is so simple and yet the ruffled sleeves added a nice style touch.

I paired my favorite Steve Madden nude heel that can go with anything.

I accessories simple…hoop earrings with delicate bracelets.  I also added a little splash of color with a cute clutch.  (I thought about a straw tote, but since I was going solo with no babies I enjoyed the simplicity of the clutch.)


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I love everything about GRAPEFRUIT! I love the taste, the smell and the fact it can make a great body exfoliate when mixed with coconut oil and sugar! I can remember my mom sprinkling sugar on my grapefruit and helping me cut out the triangle wedges all around the fruit, so all I had to do was scoop and enjoy. It brings a smile to my face now as I help my son eat his grapefruit.

The best part of grapefruit, other then it taste and smells so darn good, is the health benefits that come with eating it. YES!!! Okay here is a quick nutrient list…

All of these vitamins and minerals help fight off colds, diabetes, heart disease and obesity, as well as promote healthy skin and complexion.

JORD Watches – Giveaway!

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I came across Jord Watches when I was compiling my Father’s Day Gift Giving Ideas and fell in love with the watches right away.  These handcrafted timepieces are made from real wood and are stylish and so unique!  I love the fact that you don’t typically see this style in the stores…making the JORD watches one-of-a-kind and stand out even more.  Sometimes it is fun to think outside the box and give a gift that is unique, fun and functional.  These watches also come with a personalized engraved option, which is why they are so perfect for Father’s Day.  Engrave something special on the back for your father, husband, boyfriend, brother, friend…shoot even your boss will love it!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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Mark your calendars!!  June 18th is Father’s Day!!!  This is a great day to pamper those special men in your life.  If you’re anything like me…I always struggle a little when buying gifts for my dad or even husband!  When I ask I get the typical answer of “I have all I need”…really!!??  I always want to gift something a little fun and different…something they wouldn’t normally run out to get themselves.  Here are 10 ideas that I thought would fall under that category…I hope they inspire and help you this Father’s Day!

ALSO – lets be real…men really do love attention and being spoiled!  AND they should be…so in addition with these 10 suggestions you can also throw in the typical massage, pedicure, manicure…a spa day, gifting them a day of relaxation!